When My Heart Sings At… His Birth… (Collaboration by Spoorthy Sharone and Lourdes Alexander)

When My Heart Sings At… His Birth… (Collaboration by Spoorthy Sharone and Lourdes Alexander)

(Spoorthy Sharone)  

Euphoria has inundated,    
Crimination has transpired,    
Longevity has got underway    
Through this empiricism.    
The parturition of Jesus Christ    
Marks the gratification of Salvation.    
Confection is your affability    
With you is my peregrination.    
To fantasize or to sketch    
Shall never suffice.    
Darkness loomed over
Without placidity.
Sombre have I become
Without you.
The moment you birthed
In my heart,
Gladdened am I
Each dawn and dusk;
Eye candy
And hearty.
I had the hots for
Without port of call
With a miniscule
Prospect of your advent.
As you descended being
Endowed with flesh and blood,
Affiliated was mankind.
Your birth fetched compatibility.

(Lourdes Alexander)  

I can’t stop glorifying
The reason He left His throne.
For He loved me so much
That He pleaded to God to save my soul.
The Sin that was committed
Was Solely not of Disobedience. He knew
Because it was Sin of Selfishness too,
For Satan’s heart was rooted in selfishness,
And a bad seed caused that sin.
God didn’t squash the rebellion,
Nor wanted men to die in sin.
So Jesus volunteered,
Humbled Himself before God.
He even begged,
He was willing to die on the Cross
So that I will have life eternal.
For not a single word uttered
Can ever pass by,
So whenever I look at the infant Baby Jesus in the manger,
I see Him wrapped in swaddling cloth,
A sign given to the shepherds
That they would find the Savior,
Wrapped just like they wrapped their own precious lamb after its birth;
The first binding – one of love.
And then the final binding happened
When He was wrapped in His funeral shroud.
That’s when I realize
Christmas is not only about Jesus’ birth
But it’s about the Cross
That eventually conquered Death…

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