Living The Nightmare

Living The Nightmare

I thought I had paved myself a new road   
Life was beautiful I had a new direction   
I was heading to pastures new I felt carefree again   
But it didn’t last the dark shadows of my past follow me
I can’t seem to shake them, they haunt my sleep
They creep into my bed at night and get into my head
Why can’t they leave me, is a little peace too much to ask
I once was happy and carefree but it feels like a lifetime ago
These shadows that haunt me I thought had finally died
A corpse to be burned in the ashes and scattered on the winds of change
But I was wrong I was so wrong why did they return
They came back disguised as friend hiding behind a masked smile
I surrendered myself blindly to them like a trusting fool
The shadows crawled over me once more and I cannot break free
It feels like I am being swallowed up in a pit of despair
Is this it, is this going to be my end…
Will I ever get the chance to start afresh
To be me, to be the me I know I can be
But I feel so trampled and crushed a prisoner of my past
Will I succumb and give in, will the shadows drag me down
I can’t sleep the night terrors wake me from my slumber
Silently I scream my heart racing I am covered in sweat
It is like I have seen a ghost and the ghost is me
This dream this nightmare will not go away
I feel my end is near I live in fear every second every second…

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  1. Alexander

    Beautiful poem, Lourdes. Thank you & best wishes.

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