The Rock That Rocked Me To Sleep

The Rock That Rocked Me To Sleep

We take her selfless love for granted at times. We smile at her warnings, not thinking that she has seen the world, and knows what is best for her child. But as a child, we tend to get upset, throw tantrums, and even go to the extent of rebelling, and leaving her for loves that cannot match her love in our lives. But it’s our own karma that hits us hard, whenever love leaves us, and the one who has always been there loving us, welcomes us home with open arms, and an open heart. Never disrespect her, never get mad at her, and most importantly never ever leave her. Be with her whenever you can, and keep in mind that she’s the one who endured your kicks in her womb, joyously. She endured the labour pains, lovingly. Love her with your whole heart, selflessly, for that’s what she deserves, for she’s the one NO ONE can replace…

Here’s a poem dedicated to all the Mothers, but most especially to the one who taught me by showing me what Love, Life, and Spirituality actually are…

My Rock
I saw the world for the fist time
As she watched me through her eyes
I felt her love, a love so warm
As she held me safely in her arms
Wrapped in her love, I felt secure
I would gaze into her eyes and see myself reflected back
Her pretty smile, her heart of gold, her kind eyes said so much
She gives her all and asks nothing in return
Her gentle touch soothes my wounded soul
Through her love, I have learned to love
I call her Mom the one person I trust after God
She is selfless and caring, she is my rock…

Happy Mother’s Day Mamma…

And to all the Mothers all over the world.  God bless you with everything.

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