If only you could realize   
How much I miss you everyday   
What your absence does to me   
When we do not meet regularly   
I see you lurking in the shadows   
And I see you in my dreams  
I close my eyes and you are there
The ache is constant or so it seems
There’s no escape for even a second
For I see you everywhere
In every cloud and every flower
Every thought and every care
I miss our long and silent hugs
They make my pain wither to nothing
And my anxieties melt away
Just because you’re there
I miss the way you draw me close
As if you’ve missed me too
And eagerly waited for this moment
Of silence
Our souls do the talking
I can read your mind
And you read mine
And time stands still 
When you are around
Lost in each other’s eyes
But sadness looms
As I wish to you – goodbye
As you wish to me goodbye
“But, can’t you wait?”
I hear you say
For when we meet
We wish not to part
Time stands still for that moment
And then it is gone
Like sadness taking shape
Missing each other
As you steal and live in my heart
And time begins

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  1. Celine Mascarenhas

    Beautiful and wonderful feelings brought alive dear Lourdes GBU Always

  2. Celine Mascarenhas

    Beautifuĺ and wonderful feelings brought alive!GBU dear Lourdes.

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