A Divine Walk Through My Soul

Love, Life, Spirituality – “A Divine Walk Through My Soul” is the first part of my personal and literary journey to discover the true path that leads back to me. I had to learn that “Love Doesn’t Hit.” I suffered the abuse of trying to make Love love me. In my quest to find the answers, I delved the depths of Love, Life, and Spirituality, finding it all to be right up my alley. A new chapter mysteriously unfolded, and now I live by these mantras, which have become the basic ingredients of my existence… Love – the fragrance that lingers on… Life – take chances and live the adventure… Spirituality – find the Divine in you… By God’s grace, I have found all the Love I need in me. Join me in my literary quest on these topics, with this book full of quotes and poetry. I assure you’ll find some pieces that will deeply touch your soul. Allow me to show you how to feel, and I hope your journey of self-discovery will begin here…

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It has been my quest to find answers. Discover them with me through the quotes and poems of “A Divine Walk Through My Soul”.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The book is a poetic and quote-induced journey through Love, Life, and Spirituality. Within the pages, we can adventure through stages in life brought to attention by Lourdes Alexander.

The Kindle format is a digital version of the book. It isn’t as pretty as the Paperback and Hardcover copies. The Paperback is a standard type of a book. The Hard Copy is a durable, Hardcover version of the book with all of the beauty of the standard Paperback.

Lourdes Alexander has been writing for many years, only posting on sites such as Facebook and Instagram. It was suggested to her many times to publish a book of her words. Finally, with the encouragement of many people in her life, including her beautiful mother, Lourdes has finally realized this dream.

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