Coronovirus Cannot Infect My Faith

Coronovirus Cannot Infect My Faith

Fear has gripped our lives owing to the Coronavirus fear! The world shudders. It’s everywhere – News, Facebook, Whatsapp groups, Instagram, all social media platforms…
There was a time when we used to hear, “Bless You” when someone sneezed.
But now, you will find the other person at an arms distance.
Stop handshake.
Wash your hands frequently.
Stop visiting places.
Sanitize, and the list goes on…
I wonder, ‘What about the poor?’
Are they sanitizing?
Are they covering their face with masks?
They don’t even have funds to lead a decent life. How can they afford to spend around INR 200 on a weekly basis (if not daily) to buy face masks for a family which consists of 4-5 members?  How can they???
I have recently relocated, and my complex oversees a lake. I’ve seen females washing clothes, filling water with that same water. Don’t you think that they are under the threat of getting infected? But no,  they won’t get infected ’cause God protects them. So the question arises, “Doesn’t God protect us.” He definitely does. We only need to place our trust in Him. This is the time of not letting fear drive us away from God, but rather we should come closer to Him in prayer.
It’s sad to hear that all the prayer gatherings are being stopped or canceled. I’m not talking about only the Christian Community. I have heard about people of other faiths too having prayer services where crowds used to gather, and those have been canceled too. Why? Fear! Because in crowded places, there are chances of one getting infected. Let me digress for a while. Who doesn’t want us to pray? The Evil One.  Don’t you think, he must be under the impression – My Mission is Accomplished? Don’t you think, he must be feeling, Oh! Now let’s see who goes for prayer service?  Rightly, he has accomplished to a certain extent by stopping God’s people from attending prayer services, but he surely can’t have full control over us if we kneel down in prayer in our own homes. Yes guys, its high time we all give some time to prayer and ask our Heavenly Father to protect us all and those infected to be healed. He alone can save us. Even doctors and scientists believe that there’s a Superpower that exists who alone can save us.  That Superpower is our Creator. We all have forgotten Him by being busy with our lives. It’s time we give Him sometime and plead for His mercy and compassion.
I’m sure many are confined to their homes due to COVID-19, but as much as it is a curse, in a way, it’s a blessing since we are now able to spend quality time with our loved ones. Nature has made us realize what’s more important. Let us therefore, stop fearing and together fight this dreadful epidemic with prayer, and if possible, with fasting too.
Some people might see this as a punishment from God, but I do not think this way. I see this as a test of how we have to come together Spiritually, especially now, as this virus is driving us all apart. We as a society have been divided for far too long, maybe this test is God’s way of bringing the world together. I have no answers, all I have is faith in the Lord, and I know that God moves in mysterious ways.
May Christ’s precious blood heal and save us all. God bless everyone!

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  1. Kalpana

    It’s beautiful…thanks for writing this article dear…If u have faith in God,nothing can harm u…🙏

    1. Lourdes Alexander

      Kalpana, Thanks for stopping by dear and reading the article. Appreciate your words truly. Indeed, we shouldn’t stop trusting God.

  2. Vincent Alexander

    Praise the Lord dear sis.
    The devil is a liar, Jesus is the victor.

    1. Lourdes+Alexander

      So true Bro. Vincent. He is indeed a liar. But only by faith and placing our faith in Jesus we can combat him. Praise to Jesus always.


    It’s wonderful!

  4. Anamika

    Amen 🙏

    Faith should always be greater than fear.

    Thank you for writing this 💛💛

    1. Lourdes Alexander

      That’s so right Anamika. Sadly, the Evil One is trying to drive away people from God due to fear. Hope faith prevails!

  5. Fred

    Amen to that sister 🙏🙏 🙏 always stand strong in the faith

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