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Lourdes Alexander

Hi, I’m Lourdes; and I’m so thrilled that you stopped by today. My blog is an invitation to spend a few moments sharing how I see the world poetically, and through my quotes. My poetry is an extension of me, and it has finally found its expression here. I’m committed to sharing my knowledge and ideas with those who are interested, and I hope to do that through this blog as well.

I’m a perfectionist and love staying up late. I seem to be productive in the stillness of the night, post 2 AM. In my spare time, you will find me listening to music, sketching, writing, clicking random selfies, and singing. I love spending time with friends and family who are a part of my small world.

I grew up as a simple girl in Mumbai, India and was like any other girl – blue-eyed with many dreams! But the natural-born introvert that I was, made me choose a low profile and just a few dreams to keep. Due to my culture, for much of my early life, my self-esteem was non-existent. I loved to go unnoticed. Then, just as it often does, change came dressed up, looking like love – shiny, bright, and bursting with hope; a love for me. Love opened me to a beauty I could never see before. Love showed me the beauty in me.

I had been playing with poetry up to that point as silly little girls do. Love’s touch made me feel like a woman and express all that was in me, as a woman would. My heart was no longer silent and found its full expression in words, in poetry. But just as I was enjoying my newfound independence, life’s not-so-pleasant surprises came like a thief in the night! The very thing that gave me wings to fly seemed to clip my wings now…

What remains when the right sort of dreams become the wrong type of reality?

Standing in Jerusalem, the Holy Land, I realized what truly matters to me… and to my life. I looked back at my own exodus in life and saw the desert experiences I suffered, but I was also led to see the man I could be grateful for… my relationship with God, my family, my job, and the pieces of me in my poetry that were still with me…

That’s basically me. I’m Lourdes Alexander. It’s great to meet you. I hope you enjoy browsing and reading my site, which have my poems, quotes, and anything I like to talk about. You’ll find love, life, spirituality, and many more subjects that make up the basic ingredients of life. I hope something will touch your inner being.

My Mantra

LOVE the fragrance that lingers forever.
LIFE take chances and live the adventure.
SPIRITUALITY find the Divine in you…”

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