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On The Eve Of New Year

She used to long for her man   
To leave her sloshed with passionate moments   
And make it an eve to remember   
Though it never ever happened   
‘Cause he was a workaholic   
So she sat in a pensive mood   
Staring at the clock   
As she saw him engrossed in his work
She felt this year too would pass by
With a ritual greeting her – A Happy New Year Darlin’
But he caught her off-guard
As if he had read her mind
For pulling her close to him
Just before it was New Year’s Eve
He then bent upon her slowly
And began to kiss
As he began to taste her luscious lips
Stopping not even when the clock chimed 12
She was perfected
As he had given her
A perfect end of the year passed by
And gave her a perfect beginning of a brand New Year
With a love to remember
He then carried her in his arms to bed
Apologized for wasting all the years
Being engaged in his work
He then pledged her
It won’t occur ever again
And she would never have to wait for him
‘Cause he too had missed their close proximity…

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