Prof. Madan Vaishnava “Shakunta”

Prof. Madan Vaishnava “Shakunta”

How should I express my boundless gratitude to internet technology for bestowing me a lot of literary and invaluable friends on the Facebook all over India as well as abroad.

Dear Lourdes Alexander is the most invaluable of them. Since my student life I’ve been a voracious reader and have read most of the Hindi, Urdu and English poets, writers, journalists, critics and columnist. It was the year 2014, a significant year of my life when I had a rare opportunity to come across the poetess Lourdes Alexander from the most glamorous city of India, MUMBAI, on Facebook. Since then, no day has passed without reading her creations. Her poetry and quotes are extremely inspiring, romantic and full of the passions of love. Undoubtedly her creations touch the core of the reader’s heart. I’ve enjoyed her plentiful creations so far. The way of her expression, choosing unusual themes and beautiful texture of her words make her extraordinary and popular poetess in the world of English Literature. Going through her creations, I wonder how many years ago the emotions of her heart started to get beautiful shapes through her ink. Even she herself couldn’t have learnt when the seeds of poetry had grown up in the fertile soil of her tender heart and branched out in the form of a huge tree. For a long time this tree of poetry has been providing cool shade to the pedestrians who are on the way to the destination of human life.

Fortunate are those who get an opportunity to read her. One of the distinguished features of her writing is that the reader can easily feel the intensity of her emotions appropriately and it becomes very difficult for the reader to quit before the complete reading of her creations. The words emerged from her Divine Soul are really most appealing and unforgettable. The poetess holds the readers in the grip of her ink unbreakingly. Sometimes her creations make me feel how much sorrows, pains and agonies she has hidden in the cell of her heart. What a miraculous management of DESTINY it is! Quite unknown hearts come across on the way to the destination of human life. At this early stage of her life, the poetess is casting unending spell of her poetry over millions readers. After going through her creations readers feel that an indelible mark of her beautiful poetry has been marked on their memory screens.

Wishing her a glorious life. May Lord Jesus bless her boundlessly!
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