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Hank Coe

I’ve never considered myself a romantic. Always figured love is love and that’s it until I discovered the writings of Lourdes Alexander.

Found her writings by accident which ultimately expressed my true feelings about love, feelings and spiritual connection. Until then, I had never found anyone’s writings that even came close to expressing my true feelings which left me amazed.

Of course there’s plenty of flowery prose available, but none relatable until I discovered her writings. Here’s a young woman who has summed up my feelings about love, connections and beliefs in her writings that can only come from her heart and soul. Writings I not only relate to, but find solace, comfort and a connection in.

Lourdes Alexander has the ability to appeal to your inner most thoughts and beliefs, feelings you may not be in touch with. And for those of you who are skeptical, don’t think her writings would appeal to you, read at least a few samples and I’m convinced that you as I will discover how Lourdes will appeal to the most hardened of hearts.

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